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Designing a beautiful and enduring garden requires a careful balance between the creative process and a keen awareness of the correct plant choices.

Highland Design Stone Trough

“In every garden four things are necessary to be provided for, flowers, fruit, shade and water, and whoever lays out a garden without all these must not pretend to any perfection.

It ought to lie to the best parts of the house, so as to be like one of the rooms out of which you step into another.

The part of your garden next to your house should be a parterre for flowers and grass plots bordered with flowers…

– Sir William Temple, 1685

The first step of the design process is to establish a relationship with the client and their team of professionals. Your garden should be a beautiful complement to your home. Highland Design works with numerous award winning architects and trusted high end building companies. We provide an integrated process of design, project management, and garden installation. We also offer ongoing care for your garden so it continues to mature and thrive.

What we do:

Landscape Design
Landscape Construction
Project Planning and Management
Horticultural Care & Maintenance

Highland Design can source various new or antique garden
accents to compliment your design and plant material.
Please inquire about:
Stone troughs

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